Discover the Mazda CX-70

The 2023 or 2024 Mazda CX-70 is an all-new SUV model designed exclusively for the North American market and scheduled to be launched in 2023. While waiting to unveil it in dealerships, L’Ami Junior Mazda is happy to present it to you!

CX-70: Two Hybrid Engines on the Program

The first engine offered by the Mazda SUV will be a 2.5L Skyactiv-G longitudinal 4-cylinder coupled with a 17.8 kWh electric motor. Equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission, in electric mode only, it should be able to provide 40 to 48 km of range.

The power of the electric motor alone would give this CX-70 SUV 325 horsepower and 370 lb-ft of torque. The electric motor has been placed in the center of the vehicle to ensure a low center of gravity and good weight distribution.

According to the Australian website CarExpert, a turbocharged 3.3L 6-cylinder engine with a hybrid engine is also being developed for the North American market. However, Mazda Canada has not yet revealed anything about it, nor about a possible launch date.

The 2023 or 2024 Mazda CX-70: Room for Passengers

The space for passengers and cargo has been specifically designed for the Canadian market. Mazda hasn’t released any figures yet, but with a wider space than the CX-60, it would target buyers looking for an even larger SUV.

Mazda SUV: Numerous Safety Features

The Mazda CX-70 should benefit from the latest safety refinements. In the front, we find a 360-degree detection. It will be reinforced by a traffic alert system. As for the brake assist system, it will certainly be part of it, we will keep you informed.

On the sides, there will be a lane departure and blind spot warning system, and on the back, a rearview camera that will also allow you to see blind spots. The vehicle will offer other aids that have not yet been specified.

Mazda CX Vehicle: A Revised Design

Aimed at the mid-size segment, the CX-70 benefits from an imposing grille in line with Mazda’s new design direction. Three trim levels will be available in the U.S., but we don’t have any confirmation yet about the Mazda CX-70 Canada versions; but we could expect many similarities.

Screens Designed with Panasonic

In the Mazda CX-70, two 12.3-inch screens will be offered. Designed in partnership with Panasonic, they should be fully configurable.

The screen that controls the infotainment functions will face the driver. According to the pictures unveiled by Mazda, it should feature various functions such as navigation, phone calls and an entertainment system.

Mazda CX-70: Owner’s Tour

The Mazda CX-70 will be positioned between the CX-60 and the upcoming CX-90. Equipped with all-wheel drive and hybrid engines with Skyactiv-G technology, it promises reduced fuel consumption while being more efficient than a conventional engine.

Mazda’s exclusive Skyactiv-G technology burns fuel particles evenly, providing more power, better efficiency and ultimately lower fuel consumption.

What is the Mazda CX-70 release date? The launch date is scheduled between March and December 2023.

Mazda CX-70: 2023 or 2024? Usually, the year of the model is determined by its launch date, consequently a model released at the end of the year is designated by the following year. Stay tuned for updates!

Is Mazda a Japanese car? Yes, Mazda is a Japanese company, but it has factories in America, for example the CX-50 is manufactures in the United States, in Alabama.

No pricing for the Mazda CX-70 has been officially released yet, but according to press estimates, it should be available in the U.S. for $45,000 USD.

Key Points to Remember About the CX-70

  • Hybrid drivetrain on all models
  • All-wheel drive
  • Lower fuel consumption thanks to Skyactiv-G technology
  • Generous space for driver and passengers
  • Full range of safety features

Mazda CX-70 in numbers


2.5L 4-cylinder

3.3L 6-cylinder (to be confirmed)


Four-wheel drive


8-speed automatic transmission


325 hp / 370 lb-ft


17.8 kWh

Range in electric mode

40 to 48 km

We can’t wait to tell you more about the CX-70 and the other Mazda CX vehicles scheduled for 2023. Come and see the inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles at your Mazda dealership in Chicoutimi in the heart of the Saguenay.

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