L’Ami Junior Mazda Teams Up with La Réserve

Mazda, one of the top Japanese automakers, has been on the frontlines during this global pandemic and is carrying its forward momentum by helping small and medium-sized businesses that value strong yet responsible economic development of their region.

This holiday season, the Chicoutimi dealer, L’Ami Junior Mazda, is doing its part by offering financial support to a young local company, La Réserve—Vrac zéro déchet.

Support for a Worthy Environmental Cause

“First and foremost, La Réserve was born of a deep desire to foster change and encourage entrepreneurship” says President Vanessa Gauthier. “I was looking for a project that could reflect my values and beliefs, while also working with people and seeing them thrive.”

La Réserve is a minimum-waste company based in Jonquière, that promotes all the various aspects of a zero-waste lifestyle. As well as selling an entire range of its own products, this local business raises awareness on the importance of taking concrete actions and supporting its customers in their efforts towards sustainable development.

Our company which is located in Jonquière is excited to welcome visitors who bring their own clean, empty and undamaged containers. Simply weigh your empty containers, fill them with our products and only pay for what’s inside. La Réserve has products for the home, groceries, pets, but also clothing, office supplies, newborns and children’s items, health and care products, etc.

L’Ami Junior Mazda: Focusing on Giving Back to the Community!

L’Ami Junior Mazda, located in Chicoutimi, is supporting local businesses like La Réserve, by helping them rebuild during the holiday season. Business activities like those of La Réserve are perfectly in line with our objectives, to further improve the quality of our surroundings and to continue our efforts to reduce our ecological footprint.

In addition, at L’Ami Junior Mazda in Chicoutimi, we are committed to worthy causes that support local businesses. Our hearts are in the right place!

Learn more: image of the building of ''La Réserve'' a charity organisation

Posted in , On Dec 01, 2021