Mazda: Consumer Report Best Car Brand 2021

In 2020, the Japanese automaker Mazda celebrated its 100th anniversary. In 2021, it was awarded the prestigious Consumer Reports team’s Grand Prize for the best car brand in the world. That’s all it took for L’Ami Junior Mazda to spread this wonderful news. 


In its annual report, the renowned independent organization Consumer Reports (CR) has awarded the Grand Prix to the Japanese automaker Mazda. To rank brand performance, CR experts examine several factors, including vehicle performance in road tests, anticipated reliability, vehicle model owner satisfaction, safety, and environmental value. Not only does Mazda come in first with seven models tested, it also easily beats big names like BMW, Subaru, Porsche, Honda, Lexus and Toyota… 

Each year, the Consumer Reports team tests about 50 vehicles, driving them hundreds of thousands of kilometres. The magazine’s experts also use a wealth of reliability and satisfaction survey data collected from their subscribers to complement the analysis, evaluations and scores obtained on the track. Approximately thirty full-time employees, including engineers, editors, statisticians, technicians, photographers, videographers and support staff are required to operate the Connecticut Auto Test Center. Most automotive publications evaluate cars and trucks loaned to them by manufacturers. But the CR team buys every vehicle they test at a dealership, just like you (in 2020, the CR spent over $2 million on vehicle purchases). 

By doing so, the CR maintains its independence and tests cars with the same features as the ones people actually buy, rather than the special versions that manufacturers showcase. This approach gives the Consumer Reports experts a great deal of autonomy, credibility for the results released, and independence in terms of the ratings that vehicle brands receive. Going one step further, the Consumer Reports team is very meticulous in its analyses. For example, most publications’ authors spend between a day and a week on getting to know a vehicle. CR experts drive each vehicle evaluated over 3,500 kilometres for several weeks before even beginning the more formal testing. Then they perform more than 50 tests using state-of-the-art measurement tools

In addition, qualified personnel use a test facility that includes a 1.34-kilometre (4,400-foot) main straight track, a 1.6-kilometre (3,500-foot) handling course, a crash avoidance course, a 33% rocky hill and a braking test to measure stopping distances on dry and wet pavement. To assess driving comfort, the experts use the surrounding public roads that are dotted with bumps and ruts like the ones’ drivers encounter every day. After this myriad of tests and evaluations, the experts concluded that Mazda was the 2021 champion with the highest score on the list (80 percent)

Of the seven models tested, all seven came in first place. No other brand (32 in total) managed to do as well. This indicator also shows that Mazda products are reliable across the board, regardless of the models tested. Their high-quality standards are consistent and apply equally to every Mazda model. Mazda vehicles are not only reliable vehicles, but they are also appreciated by owners and perform exceptionally well. The Consumer Reports states that the road tests subject the vehicles to more than 50 tests and evaluations, while the predictive reliability rating is based on problems reported by vehicle owners in 17 problem areas in the CR surveys. The results clearly indicate that Mazda vehicle owners would buy the same vehicle again if given the opportunity because it is reliable, safe and largely meets the needs of the consumer. 

In closing, this prestigious award recognizes years of hard work and technological advances at Mazda. The Japanese manufacturer is proud of its products, which are sold on all continents and are a source of pride for Canadians and Quebecers. Mazda Canada continues its efforts to give more and more to its customers. L’Ami Junior Mazda is delighted with these results and invites the population to trust the brand’s products. 

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