Preparing Your Mazda Vehicle for the Winter

We are entering that time of the year when we have to get ready for winter. Our houses but also our cars need to be appropriately prepared for the reality of winter. What should you pay particular attention to in terms of preparation? What should be done before winter begins?

L’Ami Junior Mazda will give you all the details you need to prepare your vehicle for the winter in the most effective way. If you listen to our suggestions, you will be ready to enjoy the cold season at the wheel without having to worry about anything.

The basic winter preparations for your vehicle

Before you begin, make sure all the car components that will be put under stress this winter are functioning correctly. Temperature differences, salt and snow are not easy on a car that is already damaged.

We are talking about the following components:

  • Heating
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Windshield wipers and defroster
  • Electric system
  • Antifreeze, etc.

Winter driving brings on its lot of sizable challenges. A good preparation can make you avoid many long-term problems. Have your battery checked. It is easy to forget to do so, and The Car Guide insists on how important it is:

You should know that the average battery life is five years. If you don’t remember the last time you had it changed, it might be around time to see to it.”[1]

If you have a fully electric vehicle, paying attention to battery life is even more important, since your car will not work without it.

The importance of good winter accessories

Though we sometimes tend to forget about winter accessories, having on hand the right accessories can make a big difference during winter. A Mazda winter floor mat is a must to avoid getting the interior of the vehicle dirty when entering with your boots. Consider some floor mats as well for the passenger seats!

Use this list of essential winter accessories if you do not want to be caught off-guard during the first snowfall. The absolutely necessary accessories you need to check now is your brush and your ice scraper.

For Quebec winters, it is vital to rustproof your car. You can ask for antirust treatment during your annual car maintenance checkup. Maintenance costs vary depending on the garage, but if you want to avoid some unpleasant surprises, and especially if your warranty is still valid, it is preferable to go directly to your dealership for any recommended maintenance.

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There is no way around it: You will have to get some winter tires

When it comes to winter tires, you have to plan ahead. It is mandatory to have winter tires on your car by December 1st. A good winter tire must be bought from professionals, and the tire size is important. Before proceeding with your purchase, make sure to find out everything you need to know.

You should always opt for Mazda winter tires. Like any other components of your car, you will be best served by getting the original parts. In preparation for winter, car tires are the most important items on your car, and you need to shop carefully to ensure you get the ones suitable to your needs.

The best time to change to winter tires is between a month and two weeks before the deadline. However, if you want to avoid waiting time at your dealership make an appointment now.

How do I shop for some good winter tires?

To shop for some good winter tires, think about checking the following criteria:

  • Its price
  • Its general condition
  • Its tread thickness
  • Its manufacture date (the more recent the tire the longer it will keep its grip)
  • Vehicle usage (do you drive a lot during winter, or only a little?)

If you want to know the manufacture date of your tire, AutoExpert can give you some tips on how to read the inscription on your tire. In this way, you will know exactly what you are buying:

“The characters you need to pay a particular attention to are the last four numbers of the DOT serial number: the first two represent the week the tire was manufactured, and the last two represent the year it was manufactured.”

You also have to make sure you have four identical tires!

There are several forces acting on your car when you drive, and how much your car will strain depends on part on tire grip. If your four tires are not identical, the car will not apply the same weight everywhere, which will end up damaging the mechanics of the car.

No one respects and follows your Mazda car service manual as carefully as us, and no one knows your car better than we do at your Mazda dealership in Chicoutimi, in the heart of the Saguenay region!

With our professional service, you will keep on riding your Mazda with peace of mind. Schedule your winter maintenance appointment today.

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Posted in On Oct 12, 2022