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Close up of an adaptive headlight front of a 2020 mazda vehicle in chicoutimi near la baie

Better understand adaptive headlights

If you are wondering what adaptive headlights or automatic high beams are, this article might enlighten you. Over the past few years, manufacturers have worked very hard to improve the safety of motorists, and part of that work is improving visibility on the road. Adaptive headlights and automatic high beams are two results of this movement.

Adaptive headlights

Adaptive headlights are fairly straightforward to understand. These are front headlights that have the ability to turn left or right as you follow the steering wheel through bends to better illuminate what is to come when we are on a winding road at night. It is a simple technology, but very effective.

Automatic main beam headlights

We all know you have to switch from high beam to low beam when you pass another vehicle on the road at night. However, the automatic high beam system does it for you automatically, which improves comfort and driving pleasure. Another simple technology, but very useful.

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