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The Service Team: Expertise at Its Best

Mazda’s expertise and precision are proudly honoured by a team of experienced technicians in the service department. Each of these technicians is trained to the highest Mazda standards and kept up to date with the Japanese automaker’s progress and innovations.

Not only are these professionals trained in theory, either in the classroom or online, but they also attend master classes, where they have the chance to apply all of their learning. As a result, all Mazda innovations are always closely monitored by a team of technicians who put excellence first.

It is with this great mastery and honed knowledge that each technician will take charge of your vehicle. Equipped with high-performance tools and state-of-the-art equipment, our L’Ami Junior Mazda technicians have everything they need to carry out the most delicate operations brilliantly.

Putting your vehicle in the hands of our technicians means peace of mind. Regardless of the work done, from oil changes to major repairs, you will find your vehicle invigorated and in the best possible condition after its visit to the service department.

The excellence of our team is not only due to their technical knowledge, but also to their outstanding human qualities. Each of our technicians will be able to explain clearly and precisely all the operations to be performed on your vehicle. To any question, a clear answer. Our technicians will be pleased to give you additional information and their best advice in terms of maintenance.

Since the relationship of trust is paramount in our branch, all information is communicated to you in complete transparency, whether it is related to the work done or to the rates, which are always fair.

Book an appointment at L’Ami Junior Mazda and place your vehicle with complete confidence in the hands of technicians who honour the Mazda expertise.

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