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An unwavering commitment to safety

covid-19 sécurity at chicoutimi mazda in saguenay region

Often imitated, but never equalled, knowing how to adapt... L'Ami Junior, it's us!

Here is our answer to social distancing and high health standards:

Automotive e-commerce by L'Ami Junior (A paying click for all)

The Ultimate Automotive Shopping Experience: Human Interaction, No Physical Contact

Buying a vehicle has never been so...

- Easy
- Enjoyable

The advantages

In addition to our best offer from the outset

  • - Be in control of your transaction, without stress while saving time.
  • - An incomparable experience with a team of professionals completely dedicated to offering you the best transaction.
  • - A pressure-free environment thanks to a commission-free mode of remuneration
  • - Screen sharing allows you to see directly what your advisor is presenting to you, facilitating discussions and ensuring transparency.
  • - Direct communication access with your advisor

click paying chicoutimi mazda near jonquière and the bay

24/7 self-service zone Contactless

In order to maintain a safe after-sales service, L'Ami Junior has acquired specialized professional decontamination equipment and set up structures to ensure you a risk-free service.

They will be used to :  

  • - Dropping off or picking up a vehicle at the service or repair department;
  • - Carry out a road test alone and unaccompanied for a future purchase;
  • - Taking possession of a new car.