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Wether you want to learn more about our vehicles, find out which model is right for you, or get more advice, contact our team. We would be happy to help you.

The automotive industry is large and rapidly changing. We know it's not easy to stay on top of things and know everything about your current vehicle or what's available on the market.

L'Ami Junior Mazda stands out by the training of its employees and their concern to always be attentive to your needs. Whether it's for a mechanical problem, for the addition of accessories to your vehicle, or for the search for your next SUV or car, ask us any questions you may have.

We are happy to give you advice!

The advisor will accompany you and guide you through your purchasing process. His specific role is to advise you objectively by determining your real needs and your reasons for purchasing.

He may also offer you a test drive, so take advantage of our advisory service and contact us now!

Do you have questions before buying or leasing?

The answers may be in the section below! If you can't find it, we'll be happy to help!

  •  Buying a new car or a used car?

It's one of the first questions anyone should ask themselves! At L'Ami Junior Mazda Chicoutimi, since we have all Mazda models in addition to a huge inventory of used vehicles, it can be difficult to choose.

First, you have to calculate your budget. Analyze your income and expenses to find out exactly how much you can pay per month on your vehicle. Don't forget to take into account the cost of license plates, insurance and other expenses related to its use, such as gasoline. New cars tend to have a higher purchase price, while used cars are normally less expensive, but a newer vehicle will require less maintenance than an older vehicle.

Then, take the time to try out models that interest you, so you know which features and / or options are right for you. Some new models may have new options that will come in handy, but if you won't be using those options, maybe a used vehicle, or a certified vehicle, is what you need.

  • What is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

It is a pre-owned vehicle with a limited powertrain warranty of up to 7 years or 140,000 kilometers. Every Mazda Certified Pre-Owned vehicle undergoes a rigorous 160-point inspection. Indoor and outdoor. You also get free 24/7 roadside assistance across Canada and a 30-day exchange guarantee.

  • Lease or buy a vehicle?

When you buy a car, it belongs to you. Once fully paid, all you have to do is pay for expenses like gasoline and insurance. You are also free to sell your vehicle whenever you want. With a leased vehicle, your monthly payments will be smaller, because you only pay for the depreciation of the latter for the duration of the lease. The vehicle does not belong to you, and there is often a mileage limit, but you have the opportunity to always drive a recent model!

  • How to choose your car?

First, ask yourself which category of vehicle suits your needs. A compact sedan or subcompact will be suitable for city driving, while an SUV will have more cargo space for people with active lives. Minivans of course will be appropriate if you have children. Next, learn about the different technologies and options offered on the vehicle models. You can therefore choose between a model equipped with the latest technologies or a model with more luxurious materials for example.

  • How our financing works?

We do business with a subsidiary of the L'Ami Junior Group, L'Ami Auto Crédit, specializing in regular and specialized auto financing (2nd and 3rd chance). If you have credit problems, their team can also investigate the credit bureaus and help you get your credit back. After finding the financing solution that suits you best, all you have to do is make your payments for the duration you choose. We offer flexible terms of up to 84 months on select models and attractive rates.