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In December, we give for the environment!

It is important to maintain your car for the winter!

Good thing, our specialists know Mazdas very well, and will take good care of your vehicle!

In December, for each service appointment, we will donate $ 5 to Carbone Boréale.

Carbone boréal is both a greenhouse gas (GHG) offset program, which plants trees, and a research infrastructure at UQAC.

Carbone boréal allows organizations and individuals to offset greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from their businesses, organizations, activities, family life, etc. The plantations also serve as university research facilities, available to the scientific community. Carbone boréal’s plantations are made available to any researcher, inside and outside UQAC, who wish to use the facilities and associated resources to carry out research. In addition to being able to offset GHG emissions, governments, businesses and the general public all benefit from the work carried out on the plantation network since they advance knowledge on climate change.